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12 October 2011 @ 09:07 pm
Early August 2011 (just as I started watching old V6 and Kinki Kids concerts for the Golden Era Juniors): 
I wonder if fans of more recently debuted groups will go back and watch concerts of my favorite bands, just for the juniors

Early October 2011: 
OHMYGOD That's totally Kisumai's Fujigaya in Arashi's How's It Going con!  I'd know that hair anywhere!  ZOMG, weren't Kisumai and ABC at NEWS Pacific?!  They're totally at that one TakkiTsuba concert with Yabu and Hikaru!  I wonder what concerts J.J. Express was at...

It's kinda sad.  But totally worth it.
19 September 2011 @ 04:29 pm
Yay!  It's actually something that's not just me rambling on!
So, my sister wanted us to sub some of Arashi's 2008 24hr TV stuff (that was translated by nyanchan, but not yet subbed to any video), so... we did!
Unfortunately, the raw we were trying to download didn't have the last part, so it's not the complete file of 24 hour tv part 12, BUT there wasn't really much Arashi in those few minutes, anyway.


Parts 1-9(there is no Part 8): Palmandgo
Parts 10 and 11: rizells(at bottom of page)

First, some credits:
Raws: monomezurashii
Translation: nyanchan
Encoding: (my sister and subbing team member)Neko-Friendly

And....here we go!


24hrTV Part 12.001

24hrTV Part 12.002

24hrTV Part 12.003

24hrTV Part 12.004

24hrTV Part 12.005

This is also an annoucenment announcing the beginning of our new subbing team:


17 August 2011 @ 04:48 pm
So... I'm supposed to be doing job search/application stuff.  It's the worst.  And of course I'm trying to download stuff at the same time, so it pretty much turns into me just looking up more Johnny's stuff to download... >.<

Meh... maybe if I just work on applications for another 15 minutes, I'll take a break and go do something more interesting.  Like actually WATCHing the stuff I've downloaded.  Or I might make my brother watch Gantz with me (since my sister is away at camp AGAIN this week, so I can't watch any Arashi dramas without her).

We'll see.
03 August 2011 @ 12:09 pm
As sweet as it'd be to learn the Crazy Moon dance, I have to admit to myself that that's pretty much an impossibility.  So instead I have to content myself with learning the hand dances of various other Arashi/Johnny's songs.

The ones I have down pretty well are Tegomass's "Chu Chu Chu" and Kanjani8's "Sukiyanen, Osaka."  This is mostly because Massu's teaching style for "Chu Chu Chu" is hilarious/adorable and because Arashi's performance of "Sukiyanen, Osaka" during the 09-10 countdown is made of awesome (Especially Ohno's added "Hontoni daisuki!" and Matsujun's reaction to that XD).

I've got the hand mic pattern of "One Love" down pretty well.  At least, I know the individual parts and can do it while watching Arashi perform "One Love" (since Kanjani8's performance of it during the 09-10 countdown is basically them goofing off the entire time), but I haven't managed to do it on my own.

And that brings us to Tackey & Tsubasa's "Venus."  It is hard.  It is really hard.  And yet somehow the audience seems to know every single Tackey & Tsubasa dance (at least for whatever concert DVD of theirs I watched).  I think I've managed to get a good portion of it, but still... It doesn't help that I keep getting distracted by the song itself, cuz it's really, really catchy.

Anyway, that's what I was doing with my friend all day yesterday.  Practicing the dances to various Johnny's songs.  And practicing our Intro Don knowledge during the Arashi ni Shiyagare episodes with the various TOKIO members (the Taichi + Leader and the Matsuoka/Matsu-nii one).  It was quite a productive day.
A list, because I really, really like making lists:
  • Downloading lots of Arashi files onto my mom's computer (Because I spilled coffee all over my keyboard while practicing my Jyunisshio Power move from The Quiz Show 2)
  • Listening to Kanjani8 while wishing my Zune displayed Kanji/Katakana/Hiragana
  • Remembering that my sister's Zune DOES and putting all my Kanjani8 and Tegomass onto there (since obviously she's already got all of Arashi on there)
  • Watching that Kokosei Restaurant with TOKIO's Matsuoka (who I keep calling Matsuni, since Arashi does), because his episode of Arashi ni Shiyagare was pretty awesome
  • Watching Arakawa Under the Bridge (the drama, since I thought it'd be safer to start out there instead of going from anime/manga to drama - I find if I watch something as a movie first and THEN read the book or whatever, I end up liking both.  If I read the book first, the movie doesn't live up to it at all.  The only exception to this I've found is How to Train Your Dragon)
  • Watching the Ouran High School Host Club drama (for the same reasons as Arakawa)
  • Explaining Ouran High School Host Club to my brother, since he keeps wandering by whenever I've been watching an episode.  He's seen most of the two episodes
  • Watching Buzzer Beat and Bloody Monday (very slowly)
  • Watching Yellow Tears, since my sister didn't want to watch it after I described how awful Sho looks (although at this point, Ohno's replaced Sho as her favorite, so maybe she'll want to watch it now?  But whatever)
  • Watching the Hey! Say! JUMP! debut concert with my friend.  Joking that one of the junior groups for HSY will be M.A.D. (who've been backdancing for people since at least 2002), and then dying when M.A.D. IS actually backdancing for them.  Poor M.A.D.
  • Pitying/being shocked that the (I'm assuming)V6 guy and Sho who are in attendance at the debut concert.  And absolutely DYING at Sho's expression when Hey! Say! JUMP! starts singing A.RA.SHI
  • Watching some Tackey & Tsubasa concerts with aforementioned friend (including their debut concert, during which we tried picking out all the Junior we recognized, like Toma, Yamapi, etc.)
  • Watching the Music Jump junior trial segments with my brother (more like he was sitting there eating dinner and I started watching them, but he DID end up watching most of them)
  • Allegedly painting my room, but getting distracted by Arashi.  As per usual
29 July 2011 @ 12:14 pm
Well!  I've had this for, what, almost a month now?  And it's only just my first post now :/ 

So, let's see... about me:
- It's currently 50/90 (kinda like NaNoWriMo, but you try to write 50 songs in 90 days), and I have a grand total of 3 lyrics written.  They're all about how listening to Arashi is ruining my motivation to try to write songs and how I can't watch any dramas because my sister is gone on and off all summer and she gets annoyed when I watch them without her.

- Arashi is my favorite <3.  But I've recently been getting into other Johnny's bands - namely Kanjani8, Tegomass, and Tackey & Tsubasa.  At the moment, anyway.

- I was Jun-baited into the fandom, but since then Sho has surpassed MatsuJun and become my favorite (Side note:  Is it written as MatsuJun or Matsujun with a lower case j?  I've been using both interchangeably)

- I've been meaning to start learning Japanese for... 10 years now, but it wasn't until I started getting into Arashi that I've actually started

- That being said, when given the option of sitting and learning Japanese or watching/listening to Arashi, I always choose the second option

...  I guess that mostly ended up being about Arashi, didn't it?  I guess I'll update with some actual non-ramblings later, since my sister's leaving for camp today and we have dramas to watch before then (Ryusei no Kizuna and Zettai Reido, if you were wondering).